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Junior Kindergarten

Learning Centers 

Students follow their curiosity by pursuing activities of interest in the following areas:  building with blocks, dramatic play, art, reading, writing, sensory table, or a game with a friend.

Literacy Development 

Students build the skills that lay the foundation for reading in our literature-rich classrooms.  Students develop the fine motor skills needed for handwriting using the award-winning, developmentally appropriate curriculum Handwriting Without Tears. 

Theme Studies

Preschoolers investigate the world in which they live by exploring exciting topics such as The Farm, Snow, Bugs, Rainbows, Ocean Life, Birthdays and much more! 

Junior Kindergarten General Information

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (A.M. Session)
1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (P.M. Session)
Junior Kindergarten class placement will be determined by SCS Administration based on the following:
1. Five years old (special consideration will be given to students with birthdates between June 1 and January 1).
2. Admissions screening (students will meet with a SCS Staff member for an academic screening).
3. Behavior recommendation from previous classroom teacher.
4. Students who have attended two years of preschool will be given special consideration. 

Junior Kindergarten Curriculum

With the change in the cutoff date in the Commonwealth of Kentucky for Kindergarten admittance combined with increased academic expectations during the Kindergarten year, SCS offers Junior Kindergarten.  This year can be utilized as a third year of preschool or a transitional Kindergarten year for students who would benefit from one more year before formal schooling begins.  Junior Kindergarten at SCS will reinforce the basic skills, work habits, and attitudes that are of crucial importance during the primary years using the complete Junior Kindergarten curriculum published by Memoria Press.
Phonics and Pre-Reading
Learning the alphabet is the critical first step in learning how to read.  The Alphabet Book from Memoria Press teaches letter recognition, letter formation, and pencil grip, as well as introduces initial and ending sounds.  Taught in a two-part series, Junior Kindergarten students receive a gentle introduction to phonics.
Students will practice proper number formation, basic counting to 20, number sense concepts such as more and less, and many other early math skills.  Junior Kindergarten utilizes early childhood math texts published by Memoria Press.
Classic picture books chosen for their beauty in prose and illustration are read aloud and discussed each week in Junior Kindergarten.  Poetry books delight the children and continue to expose the early learner to quality literature.
Bible and Crafts
Students will read through the Bible with their Junior Kindergarten teacher.  They will also complete weekly crafts which continue to develop cutting and other fine motor skills.
Physical Education and Snack Time
Students are given 25 minute each day to play on the playground or in the gymnasium. SCS provides snacks for Junior Kindergarten students each morning.

Junior Kindergarten Tuition and Fees - 2023-2024

Registration Fee $125
Due at time of registration (nonrefundable).
Annual Tuition (AM Session) $2,250
Due in 10 monthly installments of $225/each.First payment due August 1
Annual Tuition (PM Session) $2,000
Due in 10 monthly installments of $200/each. First payment due August 1.
***A 5% discount is available to families paying the annual amount in one lump sum before school begins.