What are Groups and why do
we place such a high priority on them?

Groups at Spencer Christian Church are 8-15 people who regularly meet and walk through scripture together while applying it into their everyday lives. In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus commands us to “make disciples”. Many people refer to this passage as “The Great Commission”. With that direct command in mind from our King, our groups ministry at Spencer Christian Church has the primary focus of making disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. We train and equip intentional group leaders to lead relational environments through a reproducible disciple making process.
We have two different types of groups. The first type is called “Rooted Groups”. Rooted Groups serve as an onramp into our groups ministry. These groups are designed to build relationship and establish important rhythms of Christian life together. These rhythms include Bible study, service, prayer and telling our story.
They last 10 weeks. 
As the 10 weeks draw to a close, your group leader will ask you to prayerfully consider continuing with the group. If you choose not to continue, there will be no pressure and no guilt. But we have found most Rooted Group members continue because they enjoy it so much. For the majority who choose to continue after the 10 weeks, Rooted Groups transition to Grow Groups.
In Grow Groups, the rhythms established during Rooted continue now with a purpose to provide training in what it means to grow as a disciple of Jesus and to be a disciple maker as directed by Christ’s Great Commission. We put a big emphasis on groups because that is what we see Jesus do. Jesus picked 12 people and intentionally walked with them for three years. He taught, challenged, stretched, corrected, and built them up to ultimately release them and go do the same for others. Jesus beautifully modeled for us what it looked like to follow him in relationship with others. Our entire groups ministry simply tries to observe how Jesus made disciples and be obedient to Him to follow His example to make more disciples.

Weekday Men's Bible Groups

Start your Monday or Thursday off right by hanging out with some other guys and studying God’s word. The coffee will be ready!


 This Adult Bible Group strives toward the goal of spiritual growth by studying various DVD based Bible studies from national Christian authors and teachers and discussing their content.  This co-ed Sunday Bible group meets at 11:00 a.m.

Sunday-Better Together

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 tells us we are better together.  This Adult Bible Group embraces this concept as we go through various books of the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse to glean truths from God’s Word in order to apply them in our lives to be better followers of Jesus.  This Sunday co-ed Bible Group meets at 9:30 a.m.