Changing hearts and homes through Jesus

A simple mission

 “Changing hearts and homes through Jesus”.  
That is a simple statement, but we feel it is a profound one.  Though simple there are several elements within it that point to the heart of who we are as a local church.

  • Change – We are called by Christ to fulfill His Great Commission which is found in Matthew 28:18-20.  Christ commands us, His Church, to make disciples.  If we are to make disciples of Jesus, we need to know what a disciple is.  So, we have a simple definition of what a disciple of Jesus is.  A Disciple of Jesus is one who…
    1. Knows and follows Christ, (head level change)
    2. is being changed by Christ (heart level change)
    3. is committed to the mission of Christ. (hand level change)
    A disciple of Jesus Christ is one who is being changed by Jesus on a head-level, heart-level and hand-level.  That is why we start our mission statement with the idea of change.
  • Hearts – As mentioned in our definition of a disciple, disciples of Jesus hearts are changed.  Our hearts represent the core of who we are.  If we are truly willing to allow Jesus to change us, our hearts must be transformed by Him working in us and through us.
  • Homes – As we observe our culture and see the signs of the enemy (Satan) carrying out his plans to kill, steal and destroy, we recognize families are a primary target of his plots.  It makes sense really.  If he can destroy relationships between husbands and wives, the foundational building blocks of society, he is well on his way to
    complete his mission.  
    That is why we strongly emphasize ministry programs to train, encourage and equip family members… husbands, wives and their children in how to be better disciples of Jesus.  We believe if we can thwart the enemy’s plan of attack against families, we can truly make a difference in this world for the Kingdom of God here on earth.
  • Through Jesus – There was a popular anti-drug campaign a few decades back that said, “Just say no to drugs”.  While the intent was noble, the execution of it was unreasonable.  Through sheer will power we are unable to overcome drug abuse or any sin in our lives by simply asserting our will to do better.  We will fall short and those attempts can lead to a legalism.

    However, for those who have submitted to Christ as savior and Lord, we understand that THROUGH the power Christ, He can exact profound change in the heart of one submitted to Him.  Jesus modeled a life, that when confronted with temptation, one can be victorious over the entrapments of sin.  Those submitted to Christ have the same power of the Holy Spirit that help Jesus overcome temptation, sin and death.

    Through Jesus, hearts and homes can be changed, healed and thrive!  We hold that conviction firmly and our mission is to partner with Him to help bring Christ changing life to hearts and homes.
The reality is we want to change the WORLD through the transformative message of the Gospel of Jesus... one heart at a time.

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