12-Prayer of thanks for Christ's sacrifice

Apr 12, 2020    Andy and Cindy White

Dear Lord Jesus, thank YOU for dying for me on the cross - thank You for offering up Your sinless life as a sin-sacrifice for me, and Thank You, Lord, for setting aside Your heavenly glory and coming to earth as a Man - to live a perfect life so that You could willingly give that perfect life as a ransom for many.. to pay the price for all the sin of the world..to pay the price for all MY sin. Lord at times I realize that I have become too familiar with the story of Good Friday and Easter morning without taking to heart the deep and significant meaning of the cross - without fully coming to terms with what it must have meant to the Father to send His only begotten Son to die on a cross, for a rebellious race of fallen sinners - and what it fully must have meant to You, Lord Jesus to be despised and rejected by those You created and to be mocked and nailed to a cross - with men taunting and blaspheming the One, Who in love had come to rescue them from eternal separation for the Father. God, please give me a deeper and fuller understanding of the cruel cross at Golgotha cost. We pray, a new perspective of the cross that we have never understood before and develop in us a godly awe and reverend wonderment of who you are and the price paid for the relationship to be restored with You. Amen